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June 23, 2010

To take advantage of the local backup capability provided by Mozy, and the availability of $100 Terabyte drives, I added drive X: to the system and set up Mozy to back up to it. I also modified the v:\camerabuf system idle backup to copy to that drive instead of the M: drive. Getting Mozy to use the drive seems a little wierd, because I had to specify the drive as a drive to back up and then un-check the camerabuf folder to stop it from redundantly backing that up. Only after doing this could I specify the X: drive as the destination for local backups.

July 9, 2010

This seems to be working fine. Spot checks on edited pictures show that the latest is being backed up both to the local drive and to the Mozy server.

March 2011

I discontinued using Mozy because they changed their pricing to drive away large users. After spending several weeks getting synced up with CrashPlan, I deleted the Mozy local backup and replaced it with a CrashPlan local backup. This works a little differently because it does not just make a copy of the directories to the X drive, but instead builds a kind of file-based database so it can keep multiple versions of the files. This just means that I need to use the CrashPlan client software to access these files.