SMART warning on C drive

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Just as we were getting ready to send our stuff to Massachusetts, I started getting warnings that the C drive was about to fail. I take this seriously, but did not have the time to do anything about it. I moved everything to my laptop, shut down EJBDESK1 and packed it up, eventually shipping it in a box with the van. We stayed 3.5 weeks in a hotel in Westborough, and I had time to work on it then.

I set up the laptop as an access point to the internet through the hotel's WIFI and started up EJBDESK1 after lots of research. It turns out that the built in Windows imaging software is just fine, and works on Windows a lot easier than Clonezilla. Because that last hard drive I replaced for the V: drive was twice as big as the original, I partitioned it into V: and U: and now I get to use U: for storing system images. I made and image, got a new drive at Best Buy, and restored the image to it. Booted up like the original. I discovered some issues six months later, but nothing major.