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This is stuff about my web site, www.edburdick.net

This Wiki

This wiki is part of my edburdick.net web site. These pages are notes about new learnings and interesting challenges I have run across in building and maintaining the site.

Fun with MediaWiki

My photo pages

The vast majority of the space used on www.edburdick.net is photos and a few videos. Most of the photo albums are created using jAlbum, a great program (free with small ads on your albums, $39 one-time charge for basic license with no ads) for creating web-based photo albums. jAlbum has a "skinnable" user interface, meaning that a wide variety of different album layouts and capabilities can be designed and implemented by users. Some of the skins require a modest license fee, but most are free. I used a skin called Matrix for a long time because it creates the illusion when you click on a thumbnail that the thumbnail just expands to fill the screen with your photo, and then allows you to easily start a slide show or go to the next or previous photo. But more lately, with all of the small screen devices like smartphones and tablets, I spent some time searching for skins that do well with the "swiping" type user interface. I ended up with Turtle, maybe the oldest skin, but which has kept up very well.

Before using jAlbum, I wrote my own software to general my albums from text files, but jAlbum with skins makes much nicer albums in much less time. Click here to see my photo site.