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EJBDESK1 was getting slower and slower, particularly when running SolidWorks, and the USB ports seemed to be getting flaky, so I replaced it with a newer HP machine and called it EJBDESK. The old ejbdesk1 moved to the shop downstairs. EJBDESK came with Windows 10 home, which I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for its RAID functionality.

I added memory to this machine to bring it up to its 16 GB maximum.

EJBDESK is a Core I5-6400 2.7GHz machine with built in HDMI for my two HP ZDisplay 1920x1200 monitors.

For email, I use gmail on the web, which forwards emails from ed@edburdick.net

For content, I use a pair of 4TB drives in a raid 1 configuration after my old content drive failed. This is synchronized with a Synology file server and backed up by Code42 business backup, both locally and on the cloud. The local backup drive is a 4TB Lacie ruggedized USB drive.

The optical drive is disconnected because I needed the sata port for the RAID, so I use a Samsung USB Blu-ray drive on the rare occasions when I need it.

For a system drive, I use a 1TB Samsung SSD, which I periodically clone. With the SSD, this is a much better/faster machine that it was with the original drive.

Security is NORTON 360 and I run Private Internet Access VPN on this machine and other Windows 10 machines in the house.

Photo editing software is Adobe Creative Cloud with a photographer subscription.

Virtual Machine software is VMWARE and I run Windows XT and Ubuntu virtual machines.

Sound still drives my old Cambridge Soundworks speakers with subwoofer. This has been on four different computers.